Crystal Spotlight: Ruby

Now this isn’t your typical healing crystal, because we all know rubies are instead a gem mainly used for jewelry and pretty things. However, the July birthstone ruby and other associated stones have many interesting healing properties. Ruby Ruby is a stone that protects the home, including possessions and family members. It is also a…

4 Ways to Tell Your Root Chakra is Out of Whack

Chakras are energies that spiral inside of us, each supporting and developing a different aspect of ourselves, our bodies, and our souls. When one of these chakras is over or under active, sometimes it can be hard for the layperson to see what is going on. Here, we are going to review some of the…

Weekly Tarot – Week of June 19, 2017

Today’s card is… Justice in reverse. Keep an eye out this week; there may be some dishonest people lurking in your life. Keep an eye on yourself too; the dishonest one could be you. This week you may struggle with remaining accountable to yourself and yours around. It is especially important now to gather up…

Weekly Tarot Reading – Week of June 12th

Today’s card is…. The Hermit in reverse! The Hermit hold out his latern, shining his way as he walks and searches alone. This lonely search does amazing things for the Hermit; he learns and he grows. In reverse, however, he has come to warn us. When the Hermit is reversed, it is time to watch […]

Midsummer Candle Spell

Use our LUCKY candle with rose petals, orange, and gardenia, or use either a green candle to focus on luck and abundance or a pink candle to focus on love. If you use your own candle, anoint it from the tips to the center with orange oil. After this, light the candle. Stare into the light of…

Midsummer Tarot Reading

Hey all! I know we haven’t been doing weekly tarots, but this week I wanted to do it with a special twist; this will be using the spread for my MIDSUMMER tarot readings. The reading is focused on the holiday of Midsummer, as the sun and energy peaks and we prepare for the coming harvests….

June Birthstones

Pearl One of the most well known of the June birthstones is pearls. Who doesn’t love pearls? They are simple, classic, and elegant. They are also available in an amazing range of colors beyond the basic white pearls. Pearls have healing properties just like many crystals. Pearl can be used for eye and skin conditions….